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Perdu, an impact in the world of lingerie

Perdu, an impact in the world of lingerie:

Lingerie is designed in many elegant shapes to suit different body shapes. All these types and models are designed with artistic touches to add beauty to your body, to make you look more feminine and sexy, feel comfortable, and to enhance your self-confidence. Therefore, we will mention some types of sexy lingerie for all body shapes.

■ Bust Bustier:  This lingerie is suitable for the hourglass body, as it works to enhance the feminine silhouette, as this piece works to push up the ches while shaping the waist to create an attractive shape. 

Small and suitable for women with rectangular and hourglass shaped bodies.

■ Shirt: The shirt is considered a nice feminine garment, especially when it comes to sleep. It is like a dress that hangs from the shoulders. It is beautiful and soft, made of soft, shiny silk, cotton and sensual satin. shirts also fit all body shapes without exception, especially those with long legs.

■ Lingerie Romper: This suit is a short pant that makes you more feminine and draws attention to the legs and curves.

■ Lingerie Stocking Body: This type is very tight and takes the shape of the body from fingertips up to the legs and torso, all the way to the neck and arms. It is made of thin lace or transparent fabric, although it is transparent, but it reveals the body because of the fabric. Bold and sexy clothes like it are usually worn under.

■ Lingerie Kimono: It is a traditional Japanese garment that is a stunning addition to lingerie. It features long sleeves and a hem that falls to the floor. It is an attractive light piece that fits the body.

For every female who loves elegance and cares about her beauty, all these lingerie are available at Lingerie Perdu with charming designs and high-quality fabrics. 

Visit us and enjoy a new feminine experience.

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