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Ideas from Perdu Lingerie for a sexy look

Ideas from Perdu Lingerie for a sexy look:

It would be a mistake to think that to be modern girl, it is enough to grow your hair long, put on a dress and shoes. 

These measures alone aren’t enough, because fashion is has much more, a rich palette of colors and a variety of styles. Therefore, the impression that you will make on others depends on the shape, color, and the whole look of what you wear.

Most men love knee-length dresses with small flowers, for example, and brightly colored lips and natural makeup.

So how do I choose my look?

First, the colors: the dominance of pastel shades of yellow, pink, blue, and purple paint, especially the red color, because it is a feminine, irresistible color.

It is also better to choose clothes with flowers or different types of drawings for prints.

Secondly, fabrics: 

try light and soft materials that flow beautifully when you move, such as cotton.

PIt is better to use thin and pdelicate fabrics such as silk, organza, satin, chiffon, velvet, and lace. 

Thirdly, shoes: 

Make sure you have a high heel of 3-4 cm to feel comfortable even at a low height and to make your leg longer and slimmer.

PAs for those women who find it difficult to wear heels, we have another great choice such as elegant ballet flats or open sandals with straps. 

Finally complements:

A variety of neck scarves, light cloaks, thin gloves, and elegant hand bags, that makes your look even more perfect.

In Lingerie Perdu, you will find everything you need for an elegant and sexy look, and we hand you all advice that suits you. 

All you have to do is to visit us, and leave the care of your smallest details of femininity to us.

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