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How do I choose a swimsuit that suits me with Perdu Lingerie

How do I choose a swimsuit that suits me with Perdu Lingerie:

The secret is to wear a swimsuit that shows the best sides of you.

This will help you feel comfortable and look your best. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right swimsuit for you:


First, choose the right style for your body. 

A one-piece swimsuit will hide your waistline, and flowy panels of dark color, like a tankini, will accentuate your waist as it draws the eye to it.


If you have big breasts and would like to make your hips appear larger to match the classic hourglass shape, go for boxer shorts. However, some women may not feel comfortable in this style so make sure it fits you before getting it


If you have small boobs or want to show more of your breasts, use a lace-up top, it tightenes them to make them look bigger.


If you want to hide your tummy, try a one-piece swimsuit in a retro design with high-waisted bottoms that covers your belly, or a tankini which is a two-piece swimsuit with mostly high waist bottoms.

and One-piece is a very popular model to hide the imperfections in the body.


The choice of swimwear colors is also very important. For example, choosing a combination of dark color in the center and lighter shades on the sides will make you visually thinner.


If you have chosen a tankini, let the lower part be dark in color and the upper part more bright, and if your waist is clearly defined, do not hesitate to choose bright-colored clothes, but of course dark colors remain the most comfortable colors for women, like black, dark blue and purple And burgundy and green.


In Lingerie Perdu, choosing swimwear won’t be confusing at all because you will find a wonderful variety of them to highlight your femininity and hide all your body flaws. 

Don’t wait to visit us.


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