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Comfortable sleepwear from Lingerie Perdu:

Comfortable sleepwear from Lingerie Perdu:

Sleepwear is the most important garment that any woman would choose, especially if she is married, because it gives her beauty and charm in front of her husband and enhances her confidence, also giving her the comfort while sleeping.

But always, when buying nightwear, any woman thinks, “What should I wear to sleep and how do I combine comfort, beauty, confidence at the same time??

First, you have to keep in mind the shape of your body, madam, and the purpose of sleepwear.

For the shape of your body, if you have a tummy* you must wear the two-piece pajamas, a short one and a relatively long piece, in order to your belly.

Extra weight in the buttocks area needs to stay away from pajamas with a high waist and nightgowns made of cotton that reach the knee only, in order to hide the buttocks area, and the same thing in thighs. 

But if  you have fat arms, then you should wear pajamas or a nightshirt with a fallen sleeve, or half sleeve dear, and if you have big boobs, you should wear pajamas with short rope above them.

As for the fabric used in sleepwear making,

In summer, we advise you to use cotton and silk fabrics, but in the winter, it is preferable to use wool and heavy cotton fabrics.There is also polyester fabric, but it is not recommended, because its fabrics are harmful to the skin in the long term.

If your hobby is choosing nightwear designed in the latest ways and the finest fabrics that make you feel comfortable and feminine, you should visit Lingerie Perdu to shine with sexy and comfortable nightwear.


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