lingerie Perdu for a unique beachwear

lingerie Perdu for a unique beachwear:

When it comes to beachwear, your first choice will be Lingerie Perdo, which is unique in its beautiful designs of beachwear and the most luxurious types of fabrics that make you full of femininity.

For women’s swimsuits, we have two types, the first is one piece that exposes the back, shoulder, and legs, and the second is bikini, which is two pieces. One for the breasts, and the the other covers the lower parts.

A men’s swimsuit is a one piece made for swimming. it can be skin-tight or wide, covering only the man’s waist from front to the back.
Swimwear options vary between color, fabric, and shape, but the most important among all of this is the fabric, and the best of them are polyester and nylon for these reasons:

Polyester swimwear fabric,
It was on top of swimsuit making, and it is made net or mixed with Lycra that makes it more comfortable.
Polyester has very flexible, strong, and comfortable with shrinkage resistance fabrics, it also durable with water and does not corrode by the salty water or chlorine.

Nylon fabric is a replacement of polyester, and nylon fabric is unique because it’s lightweight, shiny, soft, doesn’t absorb much moisture, flexible, easy to clean, and comfortable, but it doesn’t last with heavy use, and isn’t chlorine resistant.

Lingerie Perdu, also has a unique impact in the world of elegance, beauty and design. The most beautiful beachwear with wonderful fabrics are suitable for you and your lover.
You can visit our store and shop many special pieces.

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