Lingerie Perdu, a touch of femininity

Lingerie Perdu, a touch of  femininity:

Lingerie Perdu shines with the most beautiful comfortable nightwear, sexy lingerie, and a wonderful collection of beachwear with the finest soft cotton fabrics and the brightest colors.

Many types of luxurious fabrics are used to make lingerie,  where cotton is the best choice for your health and comfort, as it is considered a hypoallergenic and makes your skin comfortable.

Satin is a light, lustrous fabric, and has a perfect delicate texture that glides softly on your skin to make you feel delicate, feminine, graceful, and luscious.

With its silky texture, it makes you attractive when you wear one of satin Bordo Lingerie collection

Chiffon is an ideal fabric that is very light and glides easily over the skin without itching.

It is one of the best fabrics for panties, nightgowns, and babydolls, because it is so luscious and silky, which gives you a quiet elegant look that makes you look very feminine.

Lace is also used in lingerie to create a dramatic, sexy texture, and it is slightly stretch so that it can move with the body while keeping its shape, a very feminine texture that shows your curves and gives you a luxurious look, so you should always keep it in your closet. 

Organza is a beautiful, sheer fabric with a pit of sparkle that is used to add some decorative touches to lingerie.

It is a very beautiful ethereal fabric that gives your lingerie a mix of sexiness and glam. 

In the lingerie section of Lingerie Perdu, you will find many luxurious designs with a touch of femininity that makes you in a love with your body and your underwear. Don’t wait, come visit us.


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